Gorilla Monsoon - Damage King

Inspired by Black Sabbath these German sludge doomers make their album after participating the Wacken Open Air fest. The band is active since 2001 and on this album you hear 10 tracks. Songs that have undoubtly Black Sabbath touches but they are not a copy cat. The songs sound heavy and rocking. Easy raw singing vocalist and short heavy riffing. The songs have a groove and are easy listening. just a type of music you like to hear in a bar with some cold beer in your hands. Just a nice doom rocking album.

1. Declaration Of Damnation
2. Delay Priest
3. Night Of The Wolverine
4. Damage King
5. Final Salvation
6. Down Song
7. Death Revolution
8. Law ‘N Order
9. War To The Wimps
10. Heavier Than Europe
Armageddon Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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