Gorgosaur - Lurking Among Corpses

Having only formed 3 years ago, you would think that the raw sound is related to their experience, but in fact it’s classic Swedish death metal, heritage intact, filth and fury all present and correct in its rotten form including the artwork. You could be forgiven for being complacent with this release, the typical standards are followed. Instrumental intro and outro, raw angst in between and loads of HM2 and reverb for your audible enjoyment. It would be unfair to dismiss this as just another release, but even in myself I am getting close to the point of saturation with this old school swedeath thing of late.

That said, I absolutely love this style, it’s a middle finger to over processed and big budget recordings with bullshit lyrics. This is truly rotten. I am not going to insult you by naming the usual influences, essentially, if you like speed, if you like haunting vocals and screams of anguish…then get this. Whilst technicality may not be flavour of the month for such a release (although in reality you should check out the chords structures), this works on the sub level that I am certainly used to.

In Summary, I know it’s very brief, but if you like old school Swedish death metal, buy this!

  1. Basement Funeral Hymn  
  2. Terror Incarnate 
  3. In Darkness They Come Crawling  
  4. Body Snatchers  
  5. Pyromaniac Narrations  
  6. Lurking Among Corpses  
  7. Gashes And Demise 
  8. The Antropophagus  
  9. Burial Of Rats 
  10. Death Is Psychosomatic