Gorgoroth - Incipit Satan

Talk about black metal insanity within the realm of the extreme bands especially like Marduk on Panzer Division, but more variety exhibited here which gives the album more depth. Here we have a combination of amazingly orchestrated black metal frenzy that's apparent on every aspect of this album. If there's a true hell on Earth, this album reflects that killer type of vibe and just annihilates the listener with yes some experimental components and variety, not just a black metal album that's all about blast beats and you cannot hear the guitar too well because it's just a pure blur. Gorgoroth captures black metal on this album so transiently and fills it with such utter perfection.

Solid, crisp, melodic, intense, variability is apparent here and Gaahl just annihilating the scene with his utmost high-end screams which personifies a hellish demon of tronka that never loses it's extremity, Even when he's not spewing out lyrics, he's still screaming like a sheer madness and hatred towards mankind. A true album that one has to hear if you're a major fan of black metal played at its utmost finest. Even though the album starts off with craziness and black metal intensity, it mellows out on the latter tracks and becomes spoken word blasphemy mixed with moderate paced guitar work to back it up.

So yeah, what we have here in dissection of sheer brutality is black metal at it's utter demise and never to be replicated because of it's sheer Satanic hero-worship of the demons that lurk around in the afterlife. Gorgoroth blissfully captivates listeners because they're not afraid to reveal what they're all about. The guitars are like no other and the riffs just flow so well with the music it's like utter insanity; We may not know consciously what Gaahl is saying really when his spouts of blasphemic tone dynamites just as his high end screaming exasperates his heart fueled hatred upon the metal scene.

This album from start to finish never lets up in intensity and the music is so original and spellbinding. It is a true gem of an album just put on ear plugs obviously if you want to blare it out of your speakers. Really a domination within the black metal realm, Incipit Satan is an album never to be forgotten by this band. I don't think that any Gorgoroth album can ever duplicate a vibe so invigorating and captivating. It's truly a masterpiece in it's complexity and an dynamites your speakers causing utter blast in the speakers as well as your eardrums. This album is like no other in this scene, although Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas ranks up there too in utter black metal anti-Christianity and evil.

Experimental yes, but still driven with intensity no doubt. The guitars are a series of complexity and exoneration of brutality in riff writing that doesn't die out. Gaahl just overall makes the album more devilish by spewing out this utter evilness never to quit. Obliteration of mankind in a black metal realm. Guitars so much like no other, their distorted tone is so full of crunchy riffs that mainly are melodic at times, yet still intense not only that but utterly captivating. At the beginning of the album you would think that oh no this is another black metal album that just is like pure noise. With Incipit Satan you have variety as previously stated. Variety on vocals, guitar and synthesizers.

Overall damn good 36 minute black metal deception and Christ at the mercy of death because this band just rips your ears apart exposing the weak to overall deathly sounding outputs we will say instead of just songs. I would call them amazing outputs because you're not getting much else here, you're getting evilness upon the extinction over mankind. They don't want to let up either, they just blast you away most of the time and keep you within the realms of hell and demonic hatred. The band gives us it all, with no deceptions just exaggerations of utter unconventional kind of chemistry that's omitted when you have this album. Get it, it worth it's wait in hell to hear a blasphemous and relentless nemesis of utter apocalyptic end of humanity as it exasperates.

  1. Incipit Satan
  2. A World To Win
  3. Litani Til Satan
  4. Unchain My Heart!!!
  5. An Excerpt Of X
  6. Ein Eim Av Blod Og Helvetesild
  7. Will To Power
  8. When Love Rages Wild In My Heart