Gorgoroth - Black Mass Krakow 2004 (DVD)

Gorgoroth, Norwegian black metal band, drew the attention of the international media in early 2004 after their show in Krakow. They were accused of "offending religious feelings" during the gig, as well as suspected of breaching Polish law concerning the protection of animal rights by using severed and impaled heads of sheep as part of their stage design. The tapes were taken by the police but after 4 years the show is finally released on DVD.

It starts with an intro where you hear a soundsamples guided with black/white footage. After this they start playing and the show is filmed in color. Multiple cameras which showing the sheep heads, candles and the crucified naked men and women. Respect for them as they stand there the whole show! Sofar the visual aspect is fucking great althought the sound could have been better as the vocals are a bit too hard in front of the mix but this is minor. Very nice show to watch.

The 2 bonus videos are bootleg footage from 2000 where the visuals were not used. Althought the sound is weaker it reflects the harsh music of Gorgoroth.
The biography is in English and in German and from the band as well as the members. Lots of bandpics and even very old ones, nice desktop images that you can grab from the disc.

So in the end you have a nice DVD that is a must have if you are a fan of Gorgoroth or just black metal.

Live in Krakow, February 2004:
1. Procreating Satan
2. Forces of Satan Storms
3. Possessed (by Satan)
4. Bergtrollets Hevn
5. The Rite of Infernal Invocation
6. Profetens Apenbaring
7. Of Ice and Movement...
8. Ødeleggelse og Undergang
9. Blood Stains the Circle
10. Unchain My Heart!!!
11. Revelation of Doom
12. Destroyer
13. Incipit Satan

Bonus video:
Live at With Full Force Festival, Leipzig, 2000 (bootleg)
1. Destroyer
2. Incipit Satan

Also includes:
- Biography
- Discography
- Photo gallery
- Desktop images
- Weblinks
- Logo
- Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Metal Mind Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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