Gorgeous Morgue - From The Slab

Gorgeous Morgue were born on Friday 13th June 2014 in a vodka induced coma by drummer Pixxie and was raised to be the most hard-hitting living dead trash you have ever heard. After facing almost every imaginable obstacle, the Morgue is finally ready to rot the world away!

Have you ever wondered what music is like in other cities? Well apparently in Sheffield Horror Punk has reared its head in the shape of Gorgeous Morgue who are fresh out of the studio recording their new four track E.P entitled From the Slab.

It was about 6 years ago that I came across a certain Jakki Vainn on ‘Myspace’ (remember that folks?) who was at that point a hardened industrial fanatic and still looks like that today, although vocally he has gone for a more punk edge this time around with Gorgeous Morgue. In fact the band have various elements contained within their Horror Punk genre, including a bit of death vocals too!

From The Slab
Gorgeous Morgue’s title track the sampled voice booms out as it launches into a hearty jolt and sounding very punk in its vocal delivery. The rhythms are boisterous and rather potent.

My Murder Baby
Has very epic feel to it as it launches into a tirade of madness. It’s a rather stirring track that offers a chanting vocal but none the less catchy and crisp with an infectious rhythm. It does however, hold a sluggish feel with grouchy tones and executed in a way that feels like it is sung rather ‘tongue in cheek’ but a great track all the same.

This track reveals a stalking intensity with stupendous death metal vocals along with the slurring punk vocal but together and more importantly they work along with the harmonies increasing their emotive force and devilish lyrical content!

Has to be my favourite track because of that lilting rhythm that simply melts. Helping it along are some great riffs and strong harmonies that go off kilter in places adding to their punk theme no doubt. It takes on a sinister edge during the middle of the track but that coaxing melody is never far away.

So what we have here is a rather eclectic mix of Industrial, punk, death and zombies. So plenty for everyone are contained within these four tracks. The catchy rhythms blossom with a superb melodic endeavour and spiced with magnetic character. The climatic moments switch between punk and death in places so nobody can say the band will stagnate any time soon! It has a split personality for sure which is good for the listener as they are pushed forcibly out of their comfort zone and into a bedlamic punk territory with extras! Obsessed with ghosts, ghouls, corpses and graveyards? Then look no further Gorgeous Morgue will delight and entertain you with their gothicy, punky blend of eclectic madness.

It kind of saunters and no doubt will exact a reaction to its insatiable drama, however I cannot help but feel that Gorgeous Morgue are a live band and live is exactly where you will see them shine the most! The E.P will grow on you the more you listen with its varying textures and insane exploits are certainly bold and captivating there’s no mistake, so take the time to listen and let it grow on you - as Death becomes you!!

  1. From The Slab
  2. My Murder Baby
  3. AMA
  4. Dark

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 1, 2016
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