Gorged Afterbirth - Gorged Afterbirth

Comming from the USA, Gorged Afterbirth brings to you a mix of porn with goregrind with a sickening voice (like Rompeprop) and parts with slow rythms on instruments that makes you move your head up and down until the music turns fast, then you want to move your head like a fan. Listen to the technical riffs, grinding drums and splattered vokills... when any song of this album was finished you need to hear the following song ¬°¬°hell yeah!!. Then, this is a masterpiece? no, I don't think so, but this is really a good album and you are going to listen it repeatedly. Attention to the song called "Intermission(ary Position): Old Sick Donald"... you are going to laugh with this funny song for sure.

1. Bumpin' Tacos
2. Daddy, Drink My Period
3. Grandma's Soft, Tender Mouth
4. Bloodclot Covered Panties
5. Shit Covered Mongoloid
6. Uncircumcized Porkfest
7. Who Shit Up the Bathroom?
8. Keep the Pussy Clean... Cunt
9. Pig Huffin..' Paint
10. Pass Dat Shit
11. Intermission(ary Position): Old Sick Donald
12. Daddy-on-Daughter Gangfuck
13. Balls Deep in a Dead Deers' Ass
14. Thundercunt - The Tale of Pussy Pancakes
15. The Lord Sayeth - Eat of My Body, Suck on My Cock
16. Run Drunk Bitch, Run!
17. Sit Down, Shut the Fuck Up & Give Me Aids
Soulflesh Collector
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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