Gorezone - Brutalities Of Modern Domination

Gorezone was founded in the north-german city of Oldenburg in the mid-nineties. In September 2001 the band recorded their first full – length CD called “Erase the Scum”. In late 2003 Gorezone recorded a very successful four - track promo - CD which gave them the opportunity to sign a deal with CF - Records. The "Grind 'em all Tour" in Spring 2004 was also a big positive step for the band. A new full – length called "Hate, Peace and Understanding" followed in October 2004. During the next three years Gorezone played several festivals (like the Fuck The Commerce, Tunes Of Death and The Soul Grinding) and about 50 shows to promote their brutal way of Metal.
In July 2007 the band recorded a second promotional CD with four killer tracks, which gave the band the possibility to sign at XTREEM MUSIC. In late 2008 and early 2009, after seven months of intensive work, in three various studios and with two new men on the vocals the band can proudly announce that the new album "Brutalities Of Modern Domination" is finally recorded. This concept album offers a framework in which all the songs, lyrics and the layout match.

The band from Germany plays fast, brutal and fine Death Metal with dominating Grind influences. "Brutalities Of Modern Domination" is the band's 3rd album. Their latest output offers a 11 track massacre of finest 'Xtreem music'...
All songs are really neckbraking, and a big punch into the face. Really fucking tight drumming – fast blast beats with good sounding cymbals. The boys do a perfect jobs on their instruments. Songwriting is very intersting and shows that the band exactly knows what they want. From blast beats, to groovy death metal over slow moments with demanding guitar parts into sick and brutal Grind again.

All in all the sound is perfect, the drums are dominating, but do not drown the guitars, the extreme sick vocals from piggy-grunts to painful screams and powerful death growls round off the perfect damn good sound. This album is for all fans of brutal and sophisticated Death – Grind.

Horns up!

1. Knee-Deep In Body Bags
2. Control Us
3. Consuming The Weak
4. Driven By Cells Of Bigotry
5. The Waterboarding Complex
6. Mass Murder By One Form
7. The Privilege To Breathe
8. Archetype
9. Brutalities Of Modern Domination
10. 42,7
11. Period Of Consequences

Xtreem Music
Reviewer: Paul
Apr 9, 2010

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