Gorevent - Fate

This CD starts off with an almost industrial type methodology to its delivery. Kind of what it would sound like if Godflesh played brutal death metal. The riffs are pretty traditional for the type of material played; however, the tone and vibe remind me a bit of classic Sepultura around the “Beneath The Remains” or “Arise” era only played with more grit and grime. Pretty much all technical aspects are thrown out the window as the band seem to be going for a more simplistic approach.

What you have here is some of the best brutal death metal this year, stripped down to its rawest form and bear essentials. Basically, the way it was done back in the day when this genre was fresh and new. The drums vary throughout the album from slow to mid-paced to full-blown blasting in parts. The constant time changes keep things fresh here in the dark and dank depths that are the collective minds of Gorevent. The vocals carry the standard of this genre proud and high as they are so nauseatingly guttural and full of unforgiving hatred and foreboding doom. They remind me of a mix of the vocals from “Repulsive Conception” era Broken Hope and an old underground band called Judecca on their release “Scenes Of An Obscure Death”. The vocal pattern chosen here ties in with the music in a most passionately violent and sickening fashion unheard of in recent releases of this type of death metal. I have not heard a release sound so “painful”, the way this one does, in a very long time.

The way the band entwined the music and vocals in order to create such an aura of twisted and insane suffering ensures that this release will stand as a monument for bands of the future. Seriously folks, there are millions of bands who can talk about pain and suffering in their songs, but how many bands can transcend from that, lyrically, and make you actually hear AND feel that very pain? When a band can do that, you really have something special.

Comatose Music is responsible for this slab of consuming misery. So, I suggest you get ahold of them or the band to get this. The genre of brutal death metal is flooded with bands, but every once in awhile a band comes through that changes up the whole game. Gorevent is one of those bands. Don’t let this one split past your metallic radar. Buy it, put it in your stereo, crank up the volume, and keep hitting repeat until this insanity has consumed you completely!


1. Confront
2. Justice
3. Keep It Tightening
4. Swell
5. Energies
6. Round 13
7. Fate
8. Day To Head