Goretrust - Last Revolution

Goretrust is a Death Metal band hailing from Budapest, Hungary. “Last revolution” is their debut full length album, which was released in 2008 via STF Records. Seems like the legendary Grave and their “Hating life” period have been a great influence for Goretrust. Extensive double bass sections and cool but typical Death Metal riffs for your listening pleasure. You´ll also find some atmospheric parts on this release (i.e. in “My Apocalypse” or in the title track). No further questions - These guys definitely know how to take control over their instruments, but “Last revolution” would have been better, if the band would have added some more faster drum parts and less midtempo stuff. Anyways, this recording is a pretty cool debut album with positive aspects and I´m looking forward to see how the band will evolve in the near future.

1. Departure
2. I Am Kill
3. Brain Disconnect
4. My Apocalypse
5. Paradox Of Death
6. Instant Misery
7. Funeral Orgies
8. Last Revolution
STF Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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