Goretrade - Ritual Of Flesh

Suposed to release the album in 2001 they finally found some maniacs to release this gore soaked brutality. Having the connection with Internal Suffering you most likely know what to expect. Uncompromising brutal death metal. Double bassdrums, deep vocals, sick guitarriffing. The songs are mostly in the 7th gear but having room for tempobreaks and some melody switches. No dull songs but with some original ideas. These tunes make you wanna stay at home and tie your Marshalls straight to the ears.

1. Piercing her troath
2. Ritual of flesh
3. Ambushing
4. Ignorance
5. BLoodstained altars
6. Bloody beings
7. Hell’s dominion butchery
8. And your blood will be last
9. Born of a murderer
10. Postmortem incision
11. Laceration
From Beyond Prod
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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