Goretorture - Promised To Kill You Last... I Lied!

Looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is also doing an one man deathgrind project. See his face everywhere in the layout, refering to movietitles and hearing his speeches. But studying the inlay it is clear that it is a sicko from Finland called Gurglenator who is responsable for this. Goretorture's music is raw and fast grind. Deep and brutal vocals, sawing guitars with some leads and robot drumprogramming. The songs are various in tempo and melody.

1. Promised to kill
2. Uzi 9mm
3. Do it now
4. Predabutcher
5. Butt-grinder
6. Meat grind cookery
7. My mission is to kill you
8. Terminated
9. Butcherful
10. Kindergarden killer
11. Barbarian
12. Partypooper
Pyrolagnia Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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