Goresoerd - Goremarket Mid-Prices

This lovely Estonian metal core band Goresoerd (which just so much makes me think of the word “absurd”) has something and Goremarket Mid-Prices, although unclear in its meaning as a title, is a slightly powerful project that features varied drumming and tight growling vocals. The band claims on its webpage that its members all came from differing styles of metal and that has fed their work now. I quite agree. They even have a second or two in the Industrial vein. These seconds happen most noticeably at the very beginning of the sixth track “Ghosts from the Toilet” where a man is yelling something in German at some people. I love the German language and can read it relatively well, but whenever I hear German in music by bands that are not necessarily German, I have noticed that the language is used usually in a militaristic sense. I find it wrong that the language has come to be known so closely with one leader and one violent era (I am not saying I do not understand it too), but that is how it seems. Of course, I am a huge fan of the martial industrial bands that use German and the militaristic rhetoric in their sounds (bands like Front Sonore and Triarii), but the use of that German at the beginning of that sixth track just makes me think automatically of Industrial. I am saying that I really like the industrial effect it gives me but I also understand that the German language is beautiful and has been used to create some of the greatest thinking, writing, and science the world has seen.

But just a few tracks later, in the track “Give me Some Shit,” the singer sings in a clearly understood way those words, “Give me some shit now” over and over again. It breaks up the sound of the growls and sets up the vocals in the same song that also sound like something between Cannibal Corpse or Between the Buried and Me. The band says it was created by people who are steeped in assorted musical styles right? Because those same words said over and over like they do also reminds me of something in the hip-hop world too. I can’t quite pinpoint who exactly it reminds me of but it does. Of course, it might be that that part of the song reminds me not of hip-hop, but more of some of the rap-core hard rock (some might call this metal) bands from the nineties, like something from Red Hot Chili Peppers or even something arty like Faith no More. Once again, the band members’ disparate musical histories erupt in exciting and fun ways. And FUN is something I want to emphasize for this album. Goremarket Mid-Prices is heavy and it is metal, but it is also so much damn fun to listen to. It has a place on the stereo spinning loudly and it has a place on an I-Pod while the listener exercises with a jump rope or something. The CD has that kind of multiple uses. No matter where and in what format it is listened to, it will give pleasure.


1. For Idiots All Over The World
2. Have A Nice Fucking Day
3. Circle Of Masturbators
4. Sin You Are
5. Bitch Hard The Girls' Squad
6. Ghosts From The Toilet
7. Dämneission
8. Dig The Romance
9. Goremarket Mid-Prices
10. Give Me Some Shit
11. B.O.M Fuckers
12. Wretched In Catwalk
13. Pop Rock Cowboy
14. Basement Medic
15. Like Lingerie For Hardworkers
16. IBM (Interrogated, Brutally Mutilated)
17. Three Of Us
Nailboard Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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