Goresoerd - Asülum

What does metal from Estonia sound like? Well now you know. It sounds likes this! Goresoerd! This is their third full lengh. It's a cross between Soulfly and Strapping Young Lad.

The entire record is very well produced and everything is very crisp and tight. The drums stand out the most with technique and structure. Everything is pretty straight forward and in your face. If you want something in the middle of Soulfly's new metalish / tribal feel and the in your face tounge and cheek style of Strapping then this album is for you. Nothing overly techy or abrasive here. Just straight up heavy as hell metal. Enjoy. Neck brace not included.

  1. Depressiivmeedia
  2. Masin
  3. Poomine
  4. Kuningas-Direktor
  5. Soerd
  6. Kloonitud Jumal
  7. Uppunud Loomade Varjupaik
  8. Kurjajuur
  9. Surnud Siber
  10. Põrguekspress
  11. Asülum
  12. Raibe Lenda

Self released
Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Mar 26, 2014

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