Gorerotted - A New Dawn For The Dead

Well, everybody knows Gorerotted by now. After their superb releases "Muilated In Minutes" and "Only Tools And Corpses" expectatios were high again. After the departure of Mr Gore the question was: and now? Ofcourse the maniac is missed but Gorerotted still do their thing. Maybe not so insane anymore but trying to develop or sneaking to a sidepath. Still Gorerotted is a hell of a band, maybe not so spontanious anymore but still knowig what you get.

1. …And Everything Went Black
2. Pain As A Prelude To Death
3. Nervous Gibbering Wreck
4. Adding Insult To Injury
5. Fable Of Filth
6. Dead Drunk
7. A Very Grave Business
8. Horroday In Haiti
9. Selection And Dissection Of Parts For Resurrection
Metal Blade Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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