Gorelord - Norwegian Chainsaw Massacre

Ex-Necrophagia axeman Frediablo started this project in 1999 based around horror and gore. After 2 releases (latest from 2002) a new one comes out of its grave. The music of Gorelord can be described as a mixture of death metal with some nu/deathcore. Comparison with Pantera, old Sepultura or Slipknot can be made. Tempo of the songs range from groovy midparts to fast blast with heavy down tuned guitars. Beside the intensity it also has groove in a various album. Closing track is a 12 minute ambient soundwave. Don't know the reason for that. Maybe to undergo the extremity and horror you just heard.... Go to his site and hear 2 tunes yourself.

1. Outback Part II
2. Dying Or Dreaming
3. All Hail The Gods Of Horror
4. Flesh To Feed
5. Man Of Shit
6. Deathbreed
7. Hammered
8. The Rising Of The Undead
9. Sprayed With Gasoline
10. Glorification Of Violence
11. The Final Cut
Coffin Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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