Gorehound - Live

A small band from Cedar Park, TX with a big sound. Located just outside the capital city of Austin, TX. GoreHound is something very different in the music scene, a new breed of Texas Thrash. They've recently finished their first live LP and in post-production for their split with Clandestine Grave. They are also in post- production for an 8 track self-produced studio album.

“You are obsolete Mr Wordsworth!” So it would seem according to Gorehound. This track starts off quite ambient and sparse and then turns into a ferocious frenzy of distortion incorporating a fast gnarly vocal, and regurgitated scales of riffing eventually smooth out into a slower more melodic haze, but no sooner done than the samples start over shouting “Obsolete!”

More grind than punk or thrash this track. It simply obliterates as it thunders into action and combines with a hateful vocal entourage, slowing to a near standstill.  The rhythms twist into a frenzy further on in the track and turn into a throbbing array of beats and a highly recommended listen.

Burnt Lands
More samples created giving everyone a lesson in English and Science. A garbled frenzy of venomous vocals emanate from the speakers like a winding snake amid some confident rhythms that stand solid and strong with an ambient peppering of riffs.

A fast frenzy of kick beats push forth with sinewy riffage played at an amazing pace and not overused.  The vocals are rasping and damming in structure that offers something quite pleasing to the ear.

A more melodic sway to this track – if it had hips it would be moving them put it that way! And no doubt when played live could cause a lot of neck wreckage! It never loses intensity through-out and builds further into one amazing track.

More samples – Sound of an old car chugging into existence and a voice saying: “I knew a guy who had a car like that once, fucking bastard killed himself in it, son of a bitch was so mean you could have poured boiling water down his throat and he would have pissed ice cubes!” The drum beat is constant and simply explodes as the vile, vindictive vocals come to the forefront in dominating fashion as the infused mayhem continues.

Yet more samples on the same theme of transport. This is thrashing fantastic as a build-up emerges and vocally demonic.  No escaping the power this track creates as it thunders through the speakers, slightly slowing to allow a melodic whimper to scurry past and then delving back into the downright brutal it continues with the speed of an express train. Great track!

Tripping the light fantastic this blisters as it whizzes past your ears as well as through them and will leave scorch marks! This whole album is expertly recorded and produced considering it is played live it is crystal clear! The pummeling is simply superb just as the riffing and the vocal scathing. It comes together in a superb melting pot of bone crushing extremity.

Supersonic Suicide
Frenzied array of fiery pulsation that houses a more punk like vocal and just as damming musically too. This track would gain you points on a licence if it was a car on the motorway! Gnarly and vindictive passages of crazed metal just keep pounding the aural with extreme ferocity.

This is like a carry on from the last track, just as frenzied and powerful with scathing, punishing rhythms that cry out amid a vengeful screeching vocal and powerful riffs. Damming and superb.

This album conforms well to its extremes and houses some of the most powerful frenzied riffs and pummeling drum beats known to man. Vocally huge and intense.  It belongs in the insanity department of the local mental asylum as it will send you into a void of unrest, well there’s no sleeping through this barrage of extremity – no way on earth! Fast-paced and crazed ridden it is a superb live album despite not hearing any of the crowd so that must have been edited out, for obvious reasons.

It has a slight sprinkling of melodic contour which is quickly overpowered with skull crushing intensity and punchy addictive riffing.  Not for the faint of heart – this album will cause serious damage to the neck and you may end up with a few knots in your hair from your wind-milling adventures! The only down side is perhaps there is a little too much use of samples however they do add to the tracks and give a nice slant and so redeeming themselves somewhat, but otherwise a superb live album.


  1. Obsolete
  2. Walkers
  3. Burnt Lands
  4. Saboteur
  5. Inmates
  6. Entranced
  7. Charge
  8. Desperado
  9. Supersonic Suicide
  10. Rugburn