Goregast - La Revancha

This album follows their 2005 release "Viva El Animal" and still the band is struggling against animal torture with brutal music. Death metal mixed with grind leading to a set of groovy and slamming tunes. The range of tempo varies from slow to mid paced to fast. You name it and they've got it. I like the faster parts because it expresses more angrer and brutality. But what I miss are really furious guitar leads, that would really take them higher. And when you are ready listening you can watch a video of the song "Karl" taken from their previous album.

1. Intro De Revancha
2. Animalismo
3. Solo Asesinos
4. Varg Sucks Varg
5. Sorry, I Damaged Your Brain
6. Aspirador
7. Suck My Ass, Yeah!
8. Pelt Coat Fuck Off
9. Chinabrain For Apes
10. Assbushhole
11. Gusano Sangroso
12. Outro De Revancha

Videoclip "Karl"
Hecatombe Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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