Goregast - Desechos Humanos

Goregast's third album, 'Desechos Humanos,' continues their old school grinding Death Metal career with another slab of Dismember influenced brutality. For fans who have followed them this far, the music is rather more of the same, but still mixed with technical bits on the guitars and all the crushing power any Death Metal fan could want. Oddly enough, it is the opening track that may throw listeners off (especially new ones) as they hear the slow, distorted Doom Metal chords with keyboard plinks in the background before the growls come bellowing in on "Desechos Humanos." This is the only track that builds up atmospherically; the rest start hard and end hard at a high pace of churning, brutal Death Metal. Tracks like "Corta La Coleta" has an excessively gritty tone that just blazes along, sometimes overshadowing the vocals and making them more distorted than they need to be while others like "Necrophagic Pathologist" or "Unslave Yourself" includes a bit more rhythm and is easier to follow with a bit of a slowing of the pace at certain sections of the song, which allows the vocals a stronger presence, especially with the wind-down at the end of the music that is similar to the opening track.

The lack of variety between songs on the album may discourage some fans who like to see a bit of progression in their musical collection, but the straightforward Death Metal approach can still be highly appreciated by most. "Capa" involves some 'Punk rhythms' that break the montonous Death Metal spell and liven things up a bit for those who might become dead to the sound. While they may not be as epic as Vital Remains or as progressive as Excommunicated, Goregast are just doing what they do best at this time, and if fans have been following them for almost seven years now then it seems their doing someting right. 'Desechos Humanos' will do well for almost any Death Metal fan's collection of headbanging rhythms that has a cultural mix within and tries to step outside the box as opposed to just the trivial straightforward blast beating of Goregrind.

  1. Desechos Humanos
  2. Puerco De Dinero
  3. Honor The Dead
  4. Corta La Coleta
  5. Nice Guy Next Door
  6. Necrophagic Pathologist
  7. The Boozer
  8. Capa
  9. Unslave Yourself

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 29, 2011

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