Gore Dimension - Ethereal Realm

Short intro and then all hounds of hell are unleashed upon the poor listener. Unaware of what will follow, you stay as you were, comfy in your chair, until these ravagers from Turkey hit the first notes. “Ethereal Realm” is the first full length of Gore Dimension and this is what we call “Stepping in the right foot”.

Swirling riffs, bringing in mind Morbid Angel of the "Covenant"-era, give their place to heavy chops under super-fast double bass drum succeeded by straight forward-death metal ones and then back to swirling-ness. The fat and precise bass guitar and the relentless growls and gutturals from the singer throughout the song give the proper amount of brutality needed for each song to come out as a blast. Second track underway and it is obvious that these guys take their brutality really serious. We’re talkin Morbid Angel meets Immolation meets Decrepit Birth (on some occasions) here.

With the first riff being half blasted and half atmospheric and keeping the double bass drum going until the vocals break where the drums go hardware mode, spiting blastbeats. 'Roots Of Unmerciful' is a great balance between technicality and atmosphere mostly on the drum parts. When guitars get a bit more complicated, the drums ease up and when the guitars come up with open chords, the drums go nuts with extreme fills and rolls. This protocol is followed throughout the rest of the songs. A great flow between them also giving a sense of continuum to the entire hearing process.

'I Savor Like Entrails Of Mad Children', 'Drawned And Suffocated' and 'Devouring the Gods' are just few of the bright moments of “Ethereal Realm”. Production amplifies their ferocity a lot here as it is exactly as productions should be in this genre. Crystal clear mix where everything has its special place and nothing comes above anything but on the same time… Everything sounds as one. Cohesive and huge. The mastering couldn’t be better. Loud and muddy as it should be.

Big thumbs up to Gore Dimension for not fallin in the trap of polishing the production like most death metal bands do nowadays. “Ethereal Realm” is not just a great “first full length”. It is a great brutal death metal album in general and it is highly recommended to lovers of the genre. Word!

4 / 5 STARS

1. Intro
2. Summoning For The Endless Obliteration
3. Roots Of Unmerciful
4. Reborn From Abstract
5. I Savor Like Entrails Of Mad Children
6. Fraudulent Memoriam
7. Drawned And Suffocated
8. Agateophobia
9. Devouring The Gods
10. Outro