Gohrgone - Finis Ixion

Formed in 2012, Gohrgone defends a heavy, powerful and effective music, in support of texts inspired by Greco-Roman mythologies. The quintet imposes their presence through their well-forged personalities and stage experience!

I absolutely love the spelling of Gohrgone. It sums up a really grisly experience which you certainly get once it is in the player, but not just grisly, it’s atmospheric in places and exposes its threat with viciously venomous traits that uncover its surly brutality.

The cover is just as brutal as the name suggests and the music – well, no guessing what kind it is! You should already know! The record label alone gives it away. The mighty Great Dane label strikes again. You can see the open mouth ready to draw in exactly what it needs to satisfy its lust, it is superb! Gohrgone is anything but gore gone, it is all very much in the present. The energetic gravelly vocals add such a pleasurable proposal to the back drop of music that slaps with such rhythmic precision that takes control of the senses immediately!

Its antagonistic nature is crazed and inescapable and leaves you with a boisterous riot that just keeps on giving and rewarding with a primeval stalking. Even showing familiar traits of death metal it is nothing short of rebellious and untamed. Ben and Eddy are freaks of the frets as the large chunks of riffage invade the audial cavities like a burrowing insect! The colourful music along with the hard guttural growls are to the more extreme end of the scale, which is where I am right now, having the music pumped into my veins as well as my ears. The band have taken their time putting this album together, it is like a well-oiled machine and all the parts are smooth with precision timing.

Raucously, it offers some great dynamics that can’t be ignored as they span the whole album, so what you get is a raging roar with increasing attacking assault! The relentless essences impact with gusto and in places sound like they have slipped in a few black metal traits to make it sound even more intimidating. The thumping contagious rhythms keep on hitting hard with a strip of ambience running through its impressive core, so not difficult to nestle into and enjoy. Gohrgone do not disappoint on any level whatsoever, providing the extreme end of the scale is where your heart desires to be, but as you are enjoying their exploits you realise just how quickly the album gallops ferociously to its concluding end.

I would be hard pushed to choose a favourite track from this album – as all the tracks give the listener something new to imagine in their mind, something on which to stay focused especially on the final track as its title ‘Tides Of Despair’ offers a total harmony of symphonies that plague the senses with utter despair and sadness. This is a real moody album that can have you fired up one minute and in the doldrums the next. So whatever your mood you can listen to this and take from it what you will!

  1. Styx Awaits
  2. The Ember Grave
  3. Cursed Wind
  4. Erynies Modus Operandi
  5. Finis Ixion
  6. Deception’s Cloud
  7. Tartarus Punishment
  8. Tides Of Despair