Glaukom Synod / The Processus - Split

Glaukom Synod and The Processus are releasing a DIY split CD. Glaukom Synod has the honour to open and they do it with 10 tracks. This project started in 2004 by a man named Gab as he experimented 10 years ago with his computer to make industrial noise music. In 2004 he got the help from a friend and started recording demos. Late 2006 they released these songs in a mix of industrial noise and black grind metal. Short fast drum songs with electro rhythms and harsh minimal vocalshouts.

The Processus is more chaotic and distorted black metal with industrial beats and soundeffects. This goes a bit harsher than Glaukom Synod with the slogan "how extreme must we go to scramble your brain?". The tunes are more creative outbursts than real songs. The overall feeling I get with this split is that it works mind neurotic and it can get you in a state of trance. Just close your eyes, screw up the volume and breath in and out slowly.

Glaukom Synod
1. Angels (Circumcision)
2. Mental Dissection Of A Prostitute
3. Promulgator
4. Ill Syncop Pleonasm (Caustic)
5. Subterranean Nutgrabber
6. Mis-Organic Teraplasm Revitalizer
7. Primate Agony
8. Pestiferous Monodrama In Hammering Transcendance
9. Defenestrate Me (Better Late Than Never)
10. Exthroat Asanguina

The Processus
11. Fleshchaos
12. Visceres
13. Destroy The Body
14. Organic Rot
15. I Am Not
16. Dear Lungs
17. Quhltur
18. The Non Breath
19. Vein
20. The Substance
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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