Gigim Xul - Beyond The Grave

Gigim Xul brings to us pure old school Norwegian Black Metal at it's finest. "Beyond The Grave" is this band's first demo which was originally recorded last year (2014) and has gotten this band signed to the German label Ewiges Eis Records which has limited the number of CD copies to 500 so get it while you can .

I totally love this 4 track demo. It is raw and griddy, dark and brutally gloomy. The coldness of the guitar work and wretched dying demon like vocals are simply sublime.

These tracks are angry and brings one's mind deep into the forest realms of bleak, dark and beautifully haunted.

"Beyond The Grave's" tracks will leave you hungering for more and such as I am sure that you will be waiting anxiously to hear a full length release from this black metal duo. Classic black metal album cover, classic black metal sound any fan of old school metal will want to grab this one up. "Beyond The Grave's" tracks will take you on a blackened hellish journey into the abyss and beyond.

There is nothing more that I can say other than give me more Gigim Xul music. I give this demo a straight hard 5/5 stars -Horns Up!

  1. Asphodel
  2. Path Of Hypocrisy
  3. Pestas Ferd
  4. Beyond Life