Gigantic Brain - World

Here's the new album of GIGANTIC BRAIN, a perfect mix of noise with music to meditate. Do you think that this is impossible? listen to this album. You're stand in your room listen to some song like "Ember city" or "We come together in a hell", filling out the atmosphere with slow rythms and ambient music to invite you to meditate or sleep and suddenly... "We are Gods", "Colors of bone and blood" or "Final life" explodes into your brain with apocalyptical growls, drum-machine smashing the air and blast-beats with lasers shake your head. And there's no more words to describe GIGANTIC BRAIN, either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it, open your mind, hear it and decide, fans of their last album maybe think that this is more soft but it contains the essence of GIGANTIC BRAIN.

1. We've Reached the Stars
2. He Became the Machine
3. Debris
4. Ember City
5. We Are Gods
6. We Come Together in a Hell
7. Bacteria
8. Burning Road
9. World
10. Colors of Bone and Blood
11. Eons Pass
12. Final Life
13. Melting Brain
14. Solar
15. The God in the Flames
16. The Living Sun
17. Travel to Earth
18. Station
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Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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