Ghusa - 25 Years Of Death Metal

France is at it again ‘turfing’ out premium death metal bands and Great Dane Records are just as busy signing them up. Still I have to say that there aren’t many bands that GDR have signed up that are NOT worth their weight in gold and all are supreme contenders to win awards at very least! GhUSa however, are very secretive about their names appearing on the album covers.   They have been around since 1991/92 and their old school death metal can be likened to that of dark and heavy Swedish style!

CD 1 Come Sweet Death

Casket Garden (DISMEMBER cover)
Scathingly raw and brutal with sheer ravines of metal embedded in every note!

No God for the Living
Violates the senses on all levels with a heaving mass of debauched metal that strikes fear into the hearts of all who are brave enough to listen! The blistering madness is showcased by some superb fretwork and deep scarring vocals.

Blessed Be (ENTOMBED cover)
Let the carnivals carnivores embrace the soul! Launching into a predictable melee of ravaging abrasions and grizzly vocal rampage – this will warm the blood somewhat!

The sharpness of the frets gives this track a clear edge. It holds quite a sullen sludgy feel to it, although it picks up pace to one of sheer mesmeric proportions and gallops to a scorching conclusion.

Soulless (GRAVE cover)
Although another cover, nobody can take away from the gory magnificence witnessed when listening to this compelling track. Toxic from start to finish.

CD 2 Letter to my Sons

The Nail
The glorious thumps of madness continues on the second CD and rips into a lingering, blazing of raw passion. Uncompromising and driven with a powerful energy.

I’m not the only one
Another raucous, blasting and engaging track that slows briefly to show off solid bass hooks and pulverising guitar. The grizzly vocal onslaught adds a deep resonance and brings the track together superbly.

Letter to my Son (s)
A twisting and winding track that bruises with a sonic addiction of deliberate notes that are unpredictable. The deep howling growls lick the ears and add a fearsome vibe to the overall track.

Violation Domain (BENEDICTION cover)
The harshness of this track is swift and unbridled. Its thunderous rhythms are intense and forthright, bringing satisfaction to the listener as they are encompassed in the fracas.

Nechama (Jon's Song)
Driven by a beast the energy is untamed and wild just as the vocals take on a sour, scathing and putrid lure. The music is all out damming and raw, asserting an evil and dark presence.

Punctual Choice
Quite an unusual track with soft stringed accompaniment and soft deeper vocals. However, it still offers challenges despite being slower in pace it gathers momentum and forges ahead with its brutal regime.

The Colour
The bluntness of the track is released through deep and powerful rhythms that ignite into a frenzy and unhampered by a grazing vocal that engages vivaciously and of course ravenously!

The Wind
Imposing and harsh with no let up from its vice like grip – it is rhythmic and addictive in a somewhat cold manner! It holds plenty of toxic fascination as the music plows on.

No silence can be found anywhere on this track – in case you were wondering.  It is just as deep, dark and foreboding as the rest of the tracks on the CD. It almost licks its lips to devour the senses in an all-out brawl of infectious persistence.

“It is one devil of an album for sure.  The blackness swamps and chokes with great ingenuity.  The madness is prevalent and protrudes devilishly as each string hammers out its gritty and potent offerings!”

Ru486 (E.P 2002)
Another brazing and solid track that eats you from the inside out in one of the most stupendous tracks heard so far. The vocals are so deep they leave scars! This track intimidates and shows no sign of slowing down!

The Warrior (E.P 2002)
This track expels harsh throaty lures and strings that sound like they have come from Satan himself, and they may have done! The evil protrudes from every note. Guaranteed to inflame the audial!

Promo Tape 1994
This track holds chilling keyboard and somber strings that together make the hairs on your head stand bolt upright! The bass is chunky as the vocals are snarling. Great to end on.

From start to finish this two CD offering will captivate and enthral. For me personally those deep hearty vocal growls really heat the blood. The bass works overtime along with the guitar and the drums offer some great creativity. It is one devil of an album for sure.  The blackness swamps and chokes with great ingenuity.  The madness is prevalent and protrudes devilishly as each string hammers out its gritty and potent offerings. The pumping heartbeat at the end of CD 2 is not an exaggeration as this is how your heart will feel at the end. The blood will course around your veins as the music takes you over.  The deep cavernous rhythms are driven with feistiness and tough groove.

25 Years of death metal is simply not enough – here’s to the next 25!!

CD 1

  1. Casket Garden (cover Dismember)
  2. No God For The Living
  3. Blessed Be (cover Entombed)
  4. Genocide
  5. Soulless (cover Grave)

CD 2
  1. The Nail
  2. I’ m not The Only One
  3. Letter To My Son'(s)
  4. Violation Domain (cover Benediction)
  5. Nechama (Jon's Song)
  6. Punctual Choice
  7. The Colour
  8. The Wind
  9. Silence
  10. Ru486 (E.P 2002)
  11. The Warrior (E.P 2002)
  12. Promo Tape 1994

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Mar 28, 2015

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