Ghost - Opus Eponymous

Ghost from Sweden and their debut full length Opus Eponymous.  Lets start with the concept of the band.  This band comprises of six shrouded unknown souls who call themselves a devil worshiping ministry.  They are spreading the word of Lucifer to the masses.

When I saw the album cover, there was a genuine sense of excitement, look at the cover and if you like your metal, its hard not to get excited!  The ghoulish figure reminescent of the lead singer of the band towering over a sinister drawing of a church all done in dark colours, it really does serve to heighten your anticipation for the album.

I remember seeing pictures of the band and particularly the lead singer with the corpse paint and the rest of the band in hooded cloaks before I heard them and I was fully expecting a blasting black metal assault, then I saw the record label - Rise Above records and thought to myself, this may not be as expected.

The album opens with a haunting piece played on an organ and what came next was a surprise to me - not blasting black metal but just a really cool straight up metal vibe.  Don't get me wrong, I love blasting black metal but this was just unexpected and the only word is awesome for what came next.  The drumming has a really organic feel ad you can hear this really clearly in some of the itros, the rumbling bass locked in tight with the drums and on occasion taking the lead, there is riff after riff of pure metal and then there is the voice.  The vocals are clean throughout and the melodies are mind blowing.

This band are incredibly modest to hide their identities and make an album of this caliber.  All of the songs are hook laden and will burrow their way into your sub coscious and set up camp there. Ghost are a special band and Opus Eponymous is an instant classic. You owe it to yourself to check them out post haste.


  1. Deus Culpa

  2. Con Clavi Con Dio

  3. Ritual

  4. Elizabeth

  5. Stand By Him

  6. Satan Prayer

  7. Death Knell

  8. Prime Mover

  9. Genesis