Gholgoth - Somnus Mortis Imago

Started in the end of 1998 this Hungarian band plays nowadays a very aggressive black metal with death and thrash touches. Grim and raw vocals, superb fast drumming, melodic guitars. The songs are not continously raging but have breaks. Maybe you hear some known elements in the songs but that doesn't mind. In the end it is the total record what counts and that sounds good. With a good sound (but some pause between the tracks that shouldn't be there) this is a nice album to listen to. So get devastated by this sheer brutality.

1. Oracle-orage-odium
2. Absurdum
3. As catharsis ends in dismay
4. Dead star
5. Campana funebris (somno solvitur)
6. Goath
7. From soul to daemon
8. The scythe is only an omen
9. Somnus mortis imago
Ordealis Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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