Gaped - The Murderous Inception

Australia has proven itself a worthy ally when it comes to death metal! Gaped is a band from Australia, coming to prove that this alliance is still there. Gaped is actually a one man band, something that makes this whole thing about this EP, even more interesting. "The Murderous Inception" of 2013 is their  first and only piece of work, released under Lacerated Enemy Records.

The EP starts with a really sick intro-sample of a girl declaring how she like to be cut in shreds, and then it all unfolds before your ears! Heavy and demented riffing, followed by mostly groovy drums, fat bass and guttural vocal lines with really distinct pronunciation! A really good blend of many influences with Cannibal Corpse  being the first one that strikes as someone listens! Of course one can find many other bands there. The lead themes remind a lot of Vital Remains while the vocals are attending the Mikael Akerfeldt courses in growling! Don't think for one minute though, that Gaped are just copying those bands and those styles. Definitely not! They have managed to filter their influences so good and create a tight and solid musical wall of pure death metal! 23 minutes of extremely hazardous death metal is what you get when listening to this EP! And this 23 minutes will pass, faster than normal, I guarantee that!

First song in and their chaos reigns! Mostly mid tempo, but without that meaning that they hesitate to speed up occasionally and blast this whole shit out! Their intention is to bring on the dementia a serial killer possesses and this can be done in many ways! The production is really good. It is the appropriate production this type of death metal needs! Clear and harsh, so that everything can be heard and received, crystal and heavy! Songs proceed and it is getting pretty obvious that these Australian lunatics (lunatic) , are serious when it comes to death metal. The lyrics are way too twisted describing tales of everyday horror, and the guitar riffs are sooo heavy and demented, that make everything else follow their crazy lead, driving the entire outcome into a death metal frenzy unmatched! The last song is a cover song on Cannibal Corpse's, 'Stripped, Raped And Strangled'. What a nice way to end an EP, and what a nice way to start a discography! Sink your teeth into it lads. Won't let you down. Word!

  1. Let The Cutting Begin
  2. Skin Suit
  3. Whites Of Your Eyes
  4. Succumb
  5. Realm Of Impurity
  6. Stripped, Raped And Strangled (cover Cannibal Corpse)