Gadget - The Funeral March

Sweden is the land of these grindcore fanatics. The Funeral March is the second full length after their 2004 release Remote. In this half hour you get a sonic blast wave in tight and heavy production. It is very fast but they have built in enough slow doen moments for not getting drowned in an aural disfigurment. Gadget is taking the flag over from Nasum and Mieszko would be proud. Unnecessary to tell that Gadget is hidden exmembers of Dismember because this album is superb. Grindcore fans attack!!

1. Choked
2. Feed On Lies
3. Requiem
4. I Am
5. Tristessens Fort
6. H5n1
7. Everyday Ritual
8. Day Of The Vulture
9. God Of Led
10. Vagen Till Graven
11. Illusions Of Peace
12. Black Light
13. Out Of Peace
14. Let The Mayhem Begin
15. Bedragen
16. The Anchor
17. Tingens Forbanneise
Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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