G.L. Giles - Days And Nights In Summerville (book)

“Words…/Please be/My skates/Cutting/Gliding across the ice,” Vampire Vignettes author G.L. Giles opens a poem from her new publication Days And Nights In Summerville, entitled “Mount Olympus.” A fitting way to open a poem if there ever was one. These brief lines succinctly describe G.L’s approach to using the written word to tear down the religious thought directly responsible for crimes against humanity recorded by history. This is a veritable warhead with potential to explode stale religious dogma in our modern age of spin and contrived courtesy, using equal amounts of knowledge and passion to create a future of reawakened pre-fundamentalist pagan values if enough people absorb what is penned within. Giles’ writing inspires one to think, do and be entirely for oneself, rejecting so-called ’spirituality vs. materialism’ issues or the rigidly enforced white male dominated human hierarchy it ultimately spawned from. Giles not only encourages one toward this but does so wholeheartedly without empty preaching, don’t-worry-be-happy rhetoric or cutting remarks masquerading as ‘tough love’. The powerful passages here include a piece on how to independently publish your own written work apart from the ‘money rules’ mentality, and a preview of the latest chapter in Giles Vampire Vignettes series, the upcoming V4: Vladina’s Transformation. The most gripping work of all is Giles’ poetry, designed to entreat anyone reading it to break off from each mode of thought mentioned above and experience their own passions for anything they hold as important. This is at least the feeling I got experiencing Giles’ deepest thoughts firsthand. Whatever personal revelations it might hold for you, reading Days And Nights In Summerville will awaken a flame you never thought existed.

Xlibris Corporation
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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