Funebrarum – The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams

Funebrarum was formed by guitarist Nick Orlando (Evoken) and vocalist Daryl Kahan (Abazagorath) in April of 1999, with the intention of creating dark, nihilistic, crushing, morbid death metal. With fellow Abazagorath and Evoken member Dario Derna filling in on drums, the band recorded their debut demo "Triumphant Ascent" later that same year. Though the sound quality of the rushed recording was extremely crude, the material was well received by the underground metal hordes.

Ok, here we go with the 4th Output under a label (Cyclone Empire) form the guys in New Jersey, USA. The band plays a fast and simple variation Death Metal with very deep Growls.

The sound for a signed Death Metal band is rahter underwhelming.

None of the songs has a real highspot, all have the same flow and do not really differ from each other. The structure of the tracks is repeating and repeating. If you prefer a underground style setting music for easy listinening, you´re welcome. There are some good attempts but not enough to make „the sleep of morbid dreams“ to a good dream.

1. Perish Beneath
2. Grave Reaper
3. Beyond Recognition
4. Cursed Eternity
5. Incineration Of Mortal Flesh
6. Nex Monumentum
7. Among The Exiled
Cyclone Empire
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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