Freund Hein - Bourbon Triggered Death Machine

Freund Hein is a bit of a unique name in Metal these days, particularly for his unique mix of Death Metal, Thrash, and Progressive Metal in his albums. Fans who know it well get to enjoy tons of Opethian keyboards on overdrive to accompany the Thrash inspired riffs with almost a Viking chant of vocals with their deep growls. On the latest album 'Bourbon Triggered Death Machine,' the formula is relatively the same, but still just as enjoyable. Some might consider tracks like "Bourbon Time" and "Regeneration" a bit more 'Death n' Roll' influenced but it includes a solo here and there and doesnt' just repeat the same three riffs over and over. The main point is it retains its catchiness. Other tracks like "Residence Box" are certainly more Thrash influenced with a cleaner sound and a bit of a faster pace. But, of course, the highlight is the keyboards, which make the music sound much more upbeat and lively compared to other Thrash bands who just rely on guitar, vocals, bass, and drum. On a track like "Regeneration," without the keyboards it just sounds like another Metallica copy.

The best of Freund Hein's keyboard work can be seen on "Sugar Honey..." which has a bit of jazzy tone to it that will really intrigue new listeners. On the downside, when the keyboards are overly used on a track like this, they tend to draw attention away from the rest of the instruments except for the vocals which are difficult to drown out in their bellowing nature. Still, this particular addition is mostly what makes Freud Hein unique. As far as lyrics and themes go, they aren't meant to be taken seriously rather than just have fun with them and just rock out to. And with the numerous Thrash inspired music structures listeners should have no problem getting into a reason to rock out to this album. 'Bourbon Triggered Death Machine' is where the party is at. Grab your drink and mosh!

  1. Sugar Honey Iced Tea Guy
  2. European Fuckface
  3. Motor Constrictor
  4. Atomicalypse
  5. Bourbon Time
  6. Residence Box
  7. Werechicken Horror Show
  8. Hourglass Disaster'
  9. Regeneration
  10. Fenzy Inside