Foul Body Autopsy - This Machine Kills Zombies

I have been a huge supporter and fan of the underground unsigned self funded metal scene ever since I discovered it back in 2008. However a good friend told me about how this 1 man band are currently tearing up stages everywhere so I went and checked it out for myself.

After receiving 2 EPs from this outstanding 1 man band known as Foul Body Autopsy, I couldn't help noticing that this is simply a band making music that is something of a total masterpiece. I thought at first that the Foul Body Autopsy project had finished because it had been ages since his debut 2016 album "Perpetuated By Greed". 

Fast forward to 2018 and we have a second album, this time round it's all about zombies but people turning into zombies at what looks like a concert.

This is my favourite album by far this year. "This Machine Kills Zombies" is a mix of thrash, death and black metal. The thing that's devastatingly brilliant about this band is that it's a 1 man band. Not only has he written it all himself, he has also recorded, mixed and mastered it all by himself. I knew that Birmingham is the the home of heavy metal in England but very few people have gone and done what Foul Body Autopsy have become. Forged in the bowel's of Leicester, FBA has released a total of 7 projects. They consist of 4 EPs, 2 albums, 1 single and some sick T-shirts with the whole of the cover artwork printed on the front of each shirt.

So opening song 'Ghost Ships' is a metal driving relentless brutal death/black/thrash attack from start to finish. I like the fact that there's more than one genre of metal going on in the song itself. Next up is 'The Unquiet Dead', this is more of a straight up thrash metal infused with death metal-drumming for good measure, I notice that there's lots more backing vocals though, probably more than what was on the first track but I really like it, it's ace. Third track 'Outbreak' has a cool guitar sort of drone slithering it's way through the introduction on 1 long open note, the bass guitar and drums then come in with a short yet sharp piece of blasting meaty metal savagery. Ending with another long drone sort of thing. But I'm thinking this sounds more like a small sample burst of heavy rock to be honest! Guitar builds back to the blast beat frenzy while changing time signature throughout the entire set of the song, it is 100% brutal guttural extremely solid infected Vocals and this isn't something that most metal singers can do. Even the idea that's happening, that really long drone thing played on guitar, again this isn't something that most guitarists would choose to do but this is just my point of view... Remember that you cannot please everybody in this day and age. Still I like what I have heard.

'Chaos Reigns' is a simple, experimental masterpiece that would do the likes of David Vincent proud. 'Obliterate All Life' is a mid-pace sort of blend of genres. I found myself doing shit loads of head banging to this one, yeah it's just like I'm in my own little mosh pit. I was so surprised when I heard the song entitled 'Total War' and this song is a well built up wall of full on death metal to boot. I think that this particular song would have more than plenty of pit circles moshing from beginning to end. 'Circling The Drain' is an odd one, however it's still one of the most interesting tunes on this follow up mind blowing album. Finally we have another experimental song here, but this time round we have some technical metal but still lots of thrashy death metal like minded stuff happening. Wait for the ending because there is a splendid stand alone keyboard piece. Oh yeah I have just remembered that there's an awesome guitar solo in the middle 8th too.

So what else can I say about this then? Well everything from the recording, to the mixing and mastering have been dealt with by a professional engineer not to mention the great artwork that has come with this aforementioned CD. This is a must have for anybody who just likes their metal loud, brutal, dark and catchy.

  1. Ghost Ships
  2. The Unquiet Dead
  3. Outbreak
  4. Chaos Reigns
  5. Obliterate All Life
  6. Total War
  7. Circling The Drain
  8. Purified Ready To Reclaim


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 13, 2018

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