Fort Worth - What Doesn't Speak Can't Scream

Fort Worth were formed in 2009 with influences ranging from Youmeatsix to Parkway Drive, ADTR to FFaF, Alexisonfire to Deaf Havana and everything in between. Our sound is just as varied, with tracks ranging in style from pop-punk post-hard core. After the release of 2 E.P's, State of Emergency & Runaway as well as a UK tour & Countless supports, Fort Worth are just about to release 3rd official E.P - "What Doesn't Speak, Can't Scream"

I can’t help but like this band with their fiery blend of melodic rock with hooks galore and brutal rhythms which go hand in hand, as if you have heard them either live or on CD you will know.

Fort Worth are in the middle of a small tour starting on the 25th April at Blyth & Tyne and finishing on the 4th May at MRO Black Room – Manchester and have been highly active on releasing 2 E.P’s State of Emergency and Runaway with the latter being a real sizzler and the track Runaway is still an outstanding track and one I really savour, especially hearing it played live at House on the 28.4.13 just four days into the tour and as if that is not enough the guys are releasing a single “You never told me to...” taken from “What doesn’t speak can’t scream” on the 4th June.

Although there is a lot of tongue in cheek with the titles of the bands tracks – this one being an example. The music is deadly serious and harbours resounding melodic passages and inviting rhythms that just draw you into them with a certain hypnotic quality. They are indeed a hard habit to break once seeing live!

I’ll Be Chris Brown You Be Rhianna
Another track with tongue in cheek connotations - it yet again holds a fierce melody that you simply cannot ignore if you tried. You try not to move when listening to this – it is a hard ask! The melodic overtones are amazing and compliment the scathing vocal adding total balance to the track!

You Never Told Me To...
A hyperactive offering that blisters and festers with melodic groove and flair and a vocal that will burn with a distinct chaotic prowess. The harmonies just blend effortless into a rhythmic cavalcade of delight! Vocally superb too!

And so to put the icing on the cake, so to speak - this track has a more serious flavour with the scathing and harsh vocal penetrating the ears vivaciously amid a glorious melodicy that is prevalent in all Fort Worth’s offerings, and most welcome to sample.

No rest for the wicked! And these guys are definitely bad ass! A complete package of riffs, hooks and elaborate arrangements that truly make this 4 track E.P something worth hearing.

I find once I start listening I can’t stop and it produces Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in abundance as I just keep heading straight for “Resume Play” as soon as it finishes, which has to be a good sign for Fort Worth especially as I tend to go for music with a more “death” orientated approach, however with Fort Worth the tracks are so catchy that it is impossible NOT to like them.

The quality of this E.P. is truly outstanding and I think the three track E.P. entitled “Runaway” has serious competition as “What doesn’t speak can’t scream” is now becoming the most played E.P

Definitely try and catch them on their mini tour if you are anywhere near the venues listed because you will be in for a tasty treat of melodic mayhem! And while you are there pick up an E.P for just 1 measly quid – you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Mexplodeyoulongtime
  2. I’ll Be Chris Brown You Be Rhianna
  3. You Never Told Me To...
  4. Ashore

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 2, 2013

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