Feral - Where Dead Dreams Dwell

Love it or hate it, be purist or go with the flow, old school death metal and its revival is here to stay. Feral are one of the masters of this style, this sophomore album sees a mature approach with a raw energy still being present, thanks for not changing things!

‘As the Feast Begins’ appears again, this was part of a split vinyl release with Germany’s Revel In Flesh, a hidden gem amongst Feral’s recent output. I say this as the two leading tracks are quite a force to be reckoned with both in volume and pace. ‘Mass Resurrection’ crawls in terms of pace, angers the gods and moves swiftly onto another next assault. That maybe a bit harsh, as my description is a touch brief, I love these songs and this style, but does it stand out and pound you into dust? Well, the d-beat start to ‘Carving the Blood Eagle’ and the chainsaw guitars that follow sort the men from the boys that’s for sure.

This is a really cool album, it ticks all the boxes but doesn’t show any development, just a refinement in their sound. But on the plus side, this is a good thing as I see many people referring to lots of bands like this as tribute acts, I find that offensive in some quarters! But for a realistic approach, Feral have 10 solid tracks that do not let up in quality, it depends in this age what fans really want from a sub-genre such as this. ‘Where Dead Dreams Dwell’ may not be for everyone, but it’s far from a tribute and still has enough character to give a big fuck you to the haters out there.

  1. Swallowed By Darkness  
  2. Creatures Among The Coffins  
  3. As The Feast Begins  
  4. Suffering Torment 
  5. Carving The Blood Eagle  
  6. Inhumation Ceremony  
  7. The Crawler  
  8. Overwhelmed  
  9. Mass Resurrection  
  10. Succumb To Terror