Faeces Eruption / Anal Penetration - Split

Sometimes life of a reviewer is hard and shitty. Especially when you are constantly thread, bugged, hatemailed, vooded by 2 people about their shit split release. But money softens a lot and so I took a shit and listened to it. Man, it was difficult to seperate my sound from the gurgling sounds on the CD. Faeces Eruption comes with short vulgar and boiling droppings like a rabbit on turbo speed. And when you eat a lot of chili peppers you feel like really anal penetrated. There is no remedy for these 3 faeces, twisting, hyper rectal sourness. When the 15 minutes are over this clysma felt releasing. But I ask myself: can clysmas be addictive?

Faeces Eruption:
1. Squash Bowels
2. Pigliver Digestion
3. Faeces Eruption
4. Regurgitation Of Decomposing Flesh
5. Fermented Faeces
6. Girlish Guts

Anal Penetration:
7a. Cumcloth
7b. Bitch Ass Cock
7c. Eyes Shut & Sticky
8a. Perving Bastard
8b. 100% Fucking Shit
9a. The Wankercabine Scene
9b. Vibrator Failure (Part 2)
9c. The Lost Wanks
Last House On The Right Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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