Eyecult - Morituri Te Salutamus

Swedish Melodic black/death metallers Eyecult unleash their debut album ‘Morituri Te Salutamus‘ (“we who are about to die salute you: said by Roman gladiators to the emperor”) with ferocious abandonment for everything in their wake. From their opening barrage ‘Aeternum’ there is intent and a cold icy melody flowing through their veins. Although Andreas’ intro on the drums sounds a little drum machine, there are proper sounding drums throughout the reminder of the tune. Patrik Carlsson handles all other instruments and vocals and shows what a multitalented purveyor of evil he really is. Mixing it up like a blackened death metal group, the music is relentless with enough treble in the guitar tone to place then in the black metal category quite comfortably.

Whilst there is no major musical variation, you are constantly reminded that there is no requirement for your head to be firmly fixed in place. I find this quite comfortably sitting in the technical black/death metal camp with attitude and a feeling of complete isolation when you have changes of pace quite at random sections of tracks making it more of a listening pleasure other than a one dimensional tempo or direction release. That said, the lyric sheet might have been nice, picking out from the track ‘Oblivaeon’, I think we have statements like “the swastika and the cross go hand in hand”, in context yes they may in terms of evilness and the fact that they are not wanted in this world rather than any unwanted political connotation. The drum patterns lean towards the extreme form of metal a-la Sweden, it still has you begging for more when you are exhausted after listening to each track.

Admittedly I could not listen to everything all at once, there were pauses and delays in running through the little 33-minute plus episode, but I felt this was a good thing. Having subsequently tried to master the full album, I got a little tiresome, however, with each track on its own merit, you have a quality, if nothing short of a chaotic technical release.

Clench your fist, and grimace like a black metal legend, Eyecult are here to stay and are intent on dragging you through their cold-hearted occult musical journey. An interesting release filled with promise.

1. Aeternum
2. Saligia
3. Furor
4. Skuld
5. Oblivaeon
6. Ashes
7. Slave

Ewiges Eis Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 8, 2010

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