Extreme Metal Inside - 5-way Split

The Italian metal site/label S G Metal has released a 5-way split of various bands. Some tracks from the CD were featured on Brutalism Show #35 in 2007 and the bands on the split are: Agabus, Antagonism, Clinicamente Morti, Necrofili, and Resurrecturis. I like all the bands’ playing on this CD in some way or another but in reality I prefer to hear whole albums played through. Maybe that is the “old man” in me or something, but I do prefer it this way, almost to the chagrin of all my music friends who like to jump about more from artist to artist.

That being said, I will not take this review too long, partly because of what I just said and partly because it is sort of hard to focus on one sound and absorb it well when there are in fact five distinct sounds on the CD and when there is not a large enough sample to get a great taste. I mostly will use this review to present some generic information about the bands and then I will list their assorted pages and some contact information below.

All the bands are from Italy and all are growing their music in low-fi death death metal gardens. The sound are not as tech heavy as something like cattle decapitation might release but each band is a talent alone and variation in playing is quite present. Especially in Necrofili’s “Fleshweak” which opens with a clean picked string segment before the rhythms pound, Antagonism opens their first of two tracks “Akustik Rebellion” with an acoustic strumming with growl vocals over it (very creative I would say), and finally Ressurecturis closes the 5-way SPLIT with two furious metal tracks, “Fuck Face” and “The Origin” in which rage boils to the surface very quickly (hmmm hmmm good).

Extreme Metal Inside’s bands are all creative and all are heavy. I think Ressurecturis and Antagonism are the greatest talents on the CD according to my reactions to just two tracks, but all five bands on the compilation are very good.

1. Golpe
2. Atman Collapse

3. Akustik Rebellion
4. Politicizzed

Clinicamente Morti
5. C.O.M.A.
6. l'Inferno Avanza

7. Fleshweak
8. Full Thoughts Overflow

9. Fuck Face
10. The Origin
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Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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