[Evertrapped] - Under The Deep

Melodic death metal is still a popular sub-genre across the globe, these Canadian’s brandish a stark and very hard delivery crossing boundaries and creating some hefty energy in the process. In fact, of recent times, this is the most accomplished album I have been given to listen to within this sub-genre. The first full track ‘Arise from the Ashes’ has the usual influences from the melodic death scene, a touch of the metal core and a slab of extreme metal thrown in with the use of more sinister chords structures and vocal phrasing every once in a while. ‘Hypnotized by Hatred’ is another track you may want to avoid playing to your parents if that’s applicable,

The album is relentless for lovers of this style, I get a touch bored with the same structure time after time, however, my disgruntled thoughts should be disregarded as there’s nothing wrong with this album. [Evertrapped] are fine musicians, they exist on extremity and a deft art of producing tunes that make your blood boil and your speakers rattle. If you are into the latest Arch Enemy, Soilwork and other bruisers in this category, then this album will really work for you. With this style, you have to be good musicians, [Evertrapped] fit very much in this category as the album is tight, brutal and catchy within its sub-genre throughout and thankfully does not get lame or boring, its keeps you on your toes!

  1. [...] 
  2. Arise From The Ashes 
  3. Underneath The Deep 
  4. Palace Of Injustice 
  5. Hypnotized By Hatred 
  6. Blood Of The Fallen 
  7. Lethal District 
  8. Burning Through Vengeance 
  9. Reaper 
  10. Embrace The End