Evadne - The Shortest Way

Evadne is another one of those Doom bands that has worked its way onto Solitude Production's label, and from Solitude's reputation, hints at the idea that these guys might be pretty good. After a self-released debut album which garnered little attention and therefore making them a hidden gem, their sophomore effort 'The Shortest Way' capitalizes on their strengths and puts forth a very solid Doom-Death effort. Opting for more epic tracks and a grandiose sound, the production is less fuzzy, but still weighty through the guitars and their slow, melancholic chords that just drag on and on at times, but thankfully are varied by keyboards that almost sound like choral singing. The opening half of the album takes some getting into, especially if one is not used to sitting through seven minutes of tracks. Aside from the keyboards which add a strong gothic atmosphere to the music, most veteran Doom listeners are going to wonder if things will pick up. The trick lies in "This Complete Solitude," which features the first look at the clean vocals on the albums. Very rare, but very powerful, the low, crooning voice is just the seduction of mind to keep Doom listeners hooked during the quieter parts which often include piano, another highlight of adding classical instruments to clear the weight of the sound.

The longest track on the album is also probably the most beautiful. "All I Will Leave Behind" is the quinessential Doom Death track. Featuring slow, melodic single string sections, haunting female vocals that, like the male clean ones, sound like a faded whisper on the edge of hearing and just completely relieve the bellowing growls that will probably still be ringing from moments before. This combination of beauty and beast in an atypical sense- usually this typically is characterized by louder clean female singing and male growling- but Evadne add this sense in the music, which makes it much more compelling. Unfortunately the following tracks don't really live up to the magic. The instrumental "The Wanderer" just feels like typical Death Doom without the vocals and "Further Away The Light" carries on with the typical guitar and growl fashion similar to the first track; not the most complex or interesting. The closing "Gloomy Gardens" thankfully ends things on a high note with more use of the desirable clean male vocals that listeners have probably been waiting for for some time, and it casts a happy, yet depressing end upon 'The Shortest Way.' The route is dark, but enjoyable, as Death Doom should be.

  1. No Place For Hope
  2. Dreams In Monochrome
  3. This Complete Solitude
  4. One Last Dress For One Last Journey
  5. All I Will Leave Behind
  6. The Wanderer
  7. Further Away The Light
  8. Gloomy Garden