Eternal Reign - Forbidden Path

Another german powermetal band Eternal Reign deliver their second full length. But not JUST another german powermetal band. This has quite an honest and characteristic sound. And of course in this genre it's hard to create original riffs but you can also distinguish yourself by adding the right touch to the songs. There's a great drive in all the songs sounding very smooth. Vocals have power and good feeling and the music is backed up by some keyboard chords and effects mixed in properly at the back. Decent songstructures, nice solos, great rhythym guitars, quality vocals and powerful production make this disk very interesting.

1. Gate to infinity (instrumental)
2. Light the light
3. Into my own hands
4. Les reves en plastique
5. The final call
6. Edge of the world
7. Forbidden path
8. Losing ground
9. Set the sails
10. Nightstalker
11. Ten seconds in
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Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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