Ectovoid - Fractured In The Timeless Abyss

Hoping to put their esoteric themes and lyrics into their sound as well, U.S. based Death Metal outfit Ectovoid present a debut album that is as harsh and raw as the netherworld they bellow about. Despite the music being performed at a rather mid pace, the grim, rasping rumble of the bass and guitars seem to meld into each other to create a fuzzy Sludge Metal atmosphere that deceivingly fast as it is slow at times. On the opening "Transcend..." the music ebbs and flows back and forth with an old school vibe, letting the vocals and drums practically lead the way as the other instruments tend to meld into the background. Only when the solos come in does one realize that the music picks up pace. Other moments like the trudging, yet groovy touch of "Murmurs From Beyond" are certainly enjoyable and also easy to follow for those who enjoy Death Metal with a bit of Rock influence, but not quite as repetitive as Death n' Roll. On the other hand, tracks like "Delusional And Disembodied" feel like they have a one track mind as the drumming seems like it takes off and never really lets up or changeses beats save for twice in the track.

On the downside of this fuzzy Death metal opus, the limited production value and approach of the old school focus may leave listeners desiring more. The death growls almost completely populate the music with little variation save for a shriek here and there, but overall its just a monotone bellow. Also with the lack of other instruments, the entire guitar, bass, drum, ad vocal formula may seem appealing for a while, but those who probably grew up on Melodic Death Metal and are used to much more significant changes throughout the song may find the music rather boring, and those who are used to faster, intense and crisp furies like Cannibal Corpse also may shun Ectovoid's rather laid back, yet rumbling approach to Death Metal. Still, despite the rather one trick pony approach, 'Fractured In The Timeless Abyss' combines the thoughtful atmosphere of a Funeral Doom Metal album with the somewhat frantic pace of Death Metal, which should stir enough of a rise from listeners so they don't fall asleep while listening. The vocals make contemplating the lyrics a bit difficult, but the haze of the bass will certainly get the brain going as to try and figure out what the mystery is all about.

  1. Transcend Into The Moonless Night
  2. Shapeshifting Mass
  3. Dark Clouds Of Consciousness
  4. Chewing Throught The Membranes Of Time And Space
  5. Splintered Phantasm
  6. Emanating Spectral Vapor
  7. Murmurs From Beyond
  8. Locked In Dismal Gaze
  9. Delusional And Disembodied