Eat The Living - Bloodbath

Bloodbath" by Eat The Living is hardcore death metal, raw and in your face, with lyrical themes of cannibalism and parasitism of both the insectoid and hominoid variety. Lies, deceit, apathy and other misanthropic family values -- it's all broken down for ya by singer Jenocide in a rather ferocious manner. The brutal riffage and sinister tremolo work of Alexon guitar cut right through you and the rhythm section of Sean and Tom keep are like thunder in your head.

The album artwork by Tony Koehl depicting a good ol' fashioned zombie party completes the package.

Eat The Living could certainly be compared to fellow Southern California bands Watch Me Burn and The Fetus Eaters (they did a split 7" with the Fetus Eaters released by Vomitcore) and they are set to play several gigs in the So-Cal area in the near future. Watch out for this band for they will devour your soul!!!

1. Bed Bugs
2. Aghori Tribe
3. Jaded
4. Countdown
5. Fornever
6. Siafu
7. Sympathy
8. We The People
9. Sea Hag
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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