Eastwood - Antibiose

Playin fast and working slow since 2012. This is what these German-French power-violence freaks claim they’re at, in their Bandcamp page. Now… if you take into account that “Antibiose” took two years to be recorded and the recordings were spread in two countries and six cities, the “working slow” part is absolutely right! On the “playin fast” part… those of you who are familiar with their noise, don’t need any more credentials. As for the rest, the fact that you’ll hear 17 songs in 20 minutes more or less, should be more than enough. Man…These guys can play.

“Antibiose” wastes no time with intros n stuff. Punch in the face immediately once the play button is pushed, leaving no room for second thoughts. '90 Minutes Hate' is the opening track and it is probably one of the brightest moments in the album. Relentless blasting keeps together furious power chords tied with a fat bass guitar. Heavy sounding instruments aiming in destroying the speed of sound or what so ever. Two major style of vocals succeeding each other in a tremendous flow. Typical power violence screams give their place to heavy gutturals and back. The entire outcome is a ferocious amalgam of well-played and rabid power-violence.

17 songs in 20 minutes man. 17 shots of adrenaline right into the main vein. Songs succeed one another in a tremendous pace. Each one taking you to its own vortex till you find yourself wanting to break the room. 'Anthropozentrische Kackschei·e', 'Algorithmus', 'Plastiglomerat', 'Das Nichts Am Ende Des Tunnels' …You name it! Everyone will find his favorite track here, I’m sure of it and trust me it is going to be a hell of a task cos “Antibiose” is full of hits!

Production helps a lot to it as it is P-R-E-C-I-S-E-L-Y as it should be. Loud, heavy, muddy but on the same time clear enough so you can hear every roll the drummer is at, or every bass line the bass player vibrates. Perfect balance between them all with the vocals and the drums having their special place in the mix, not being hidden behind the wall of mud created by the strings. Excellent mastering process makes it perfect and the appropriate black-white artwork instantly makes it a MUST-HAVE to the fans of the sound. “Antibiose” is going to haunt my player for a long time, that’s for sure. Hails to the boys. Took them time but they nailed it.

5 / 5 STARS

1. 90 Minutes Hate
2. Schall & Rauch
3. Anthropozentrische Kacksheiße
4. Reality Construction Kit
5. Algorithmus
6. Subtraktion
7. Bewusstseinsimplantat
8. Plastiglomerat
9. Das Ziel Versperrt Den Weg
10. Monoperceptose
11. Windmühlen
12. Downtown
13. Antibiose
14. Das Nichts Am Ende Des Tunnels
15. Weißes Rauschen
16. Lochfraß
17. Faser Für Faser

Self released
Reviewer: andychristos
Oct 21, 2021

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