Eastfrisian Terror - Lever Dood As Slav

Eastfrisian Terror hail from Emden (Germany) and sing in their native language which is a dialect called Eastfrisian Plattdeutsch only spoken in a very small corner of Germany near the Netherlands. Their debut is a self released three song EP titled "Lever Dood As Slav" which translates into English as “rather dead than slaves”. I may not understand what they are singing about but I like their attitude and rather dead than slaves makes a nice motto for sure.

Band members are listed as Mr.Deichkot (Vocals) Blähboy (Guitar) Grindopa Alli (Guitar) and Möwenshitter (Drums) .

The three tracks on this release are average in length and have a very grindcore meets slow chugging death metal meets black metal sound. The music is groovy, grimy, brutal slamming death with lots of time changes and plenty of guitar squeals and snare drums behind vocals that range from pig squeals to low guttural Cannibal Corpse style vocals to classic black metal sounding vocals as well. Definitely different and obscure sounding while maintaining a familiar feel to it at the same time.

The first song shares it's title with the name of the release while the second song shares it's title with the bands name and the third song's title is 'Eala Frya Fresena'. Definitely not a bad set of songs and something obscure to add to your collection if you are a death/black metal fan.

1. Leever Dot As Slaave
2. Eastfrisian Terror
3. Eala Frya Fresena

Self released
Reviewer: Tim Reed
May 6, 2013

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