Dungortheb - Extracting Souls

Dungortheb is a French Metal band influenced by Death, Coroner, and Pestilence... formed in 1996 in Epinal. The first tape "Trip into Obscurity" released in 1996, the band takes care of the artwork and sound, allowing them to play the local scene and open to Merciless and Sup. In 2003, the band released their first album "Intended To" On the label Perennial Quest Records. They receive very good reviews in the national and international press allowing them to play in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg with bands like Marduk, Nostromo, and Blockheads. Contacted by the Chinese label Area Death Productions, Dungortheb contributed a track to the memory of Chuck Schuldiner tribute album for the said label. After l line-up change, the band stabilized and released their second album "Waiting for Silence," recorded by El Mobo in Conkrete Studio. The production quality allowed it to be distributed in France and the Benelux countries by Great Dane Records label and shared stages with Gorod, Eths, and Born from Pain. After more than 15 years of existence, Dungortheb working on their third album while continuing to make music with the various European organisers at concerts and festivals.

When you know the worst is about to happen... the dripping echoes of a tap, a girl crying hysterically, a large steel door opening... it’s what dreams are made of! Well OK Nightmares, but lets not split hairs here!

The brutality spins out of control in this damning example of a tried and tested method of bludgeoning beats and fluent guitar riffs that congeal to bring in mighty tempting components led by a harsh emotive vocal rampage.

Red Night
A robust track once again that splices the aural with attention grabbing vocal adding thick rampant bass hooks and mighty beats so that they infuse wildly and explode with a frenzy of guitar that melodically lures with contempt.

Behind Your Eyelids
The excellent guitar riffs focus on the aural along with grazing vocal onslaught that’s undoubtedly on a collision course for hell. Wielding savage power and toxic destruction in its wake as the drumming slams and kicks in a supreme healthy manner.

More shrill and expert guitar riffery is all encompassing and explodes into action inciting yet more brutality as it hits the tender audial cavities and rips fiendishly in this riotous storm of brooding evil personified.

Sad War
This is a lot heavier with deep ravenous riffing and mighty bass with lashings of slam beats and formidable vocal teasing that melts together in a tempestuous frenzy of brutal death metal and of course highly engaging!

“Erosive, corrosive and unmerciful its toxic limbs reach out and grab you with full on force that captures and indeed captivates. There is no doubt that ‘Death Metal’ served like this is highly charged and likely to cause a lot of destruction with a lot of brute force!”

Toys with the senses striking menacingly and in a dramatic wash of flames burns a powerful mark right between the eyes. Its fast and contagious leaving ripples of hate under the skin.

When I Believe I Live
Swaggers with an overwhelming melodic gait. Boasting furious antagonistic shots of malice in its attempt to shock and does not deviate from its main purpose to strike the fear of disorientation into its structures and passing them on to its listeners.

From Memories To Silence
If you think of the word fast – think again! This is supersonically charged with a high octane mesh of majestic provocation. It sizzles in a heat sink and again ignites into a creative fire-ridden mass that is populated with a deep melodic rhythm.

Heaven Can’t Hate
Rampaging with passions that excite and scintillate it wraps keenly around the ears and doesn’t let go. It is drenched in riveting tones and offers a bait that is hard not to succumb to – so just sit back and wallow in its frenzy.

Taking mighty strides into oblivion this literally leaps out and smashes through the aural kicking hard between the central cortex in a blinding embrace. It broods expansively edging to its end in a mighty swagger of continuing promise and melting the senses as it fades out.

A highly pleasing and engaging album that blisters in its own heat as the swathe of rhythms feast on the morsels of your ever degenerating aural. Vocally scarring and intense it doesn’t mess about – it means business, spreading its vile infection on just listening alone. It impacts, explodes and in places implodes, wreaking havoc on the senses as it creates a disturbance through an oppressive and abrasive powerful energy that one can seriously class as deadly. Erosive, corrosive and unmerciful its toxic limbs reach out and grab you with full on force that captures and indeed captivates. There is no doubt that ‘Death Metal’ served like this is highly charged and likely to cause a lot of destruction with a lot of brute force! So much for the French being classed as romantic – don’t be fooled Romance is dead – raise the fist for brutal death metal!

  1. Intro
  2. Inside
  3. Red Night
  4. Behind Your Eyelids
  5. 6.43
  6. Sad War
  7. Impact
  8. When I Believe I Live
  9. From Memories To Silence
  10. Heaven Can’t Hate
  11. Outside