Dracko - El Mundo De Los Dioses

Mexico is the country of the Aztecs kingdom but I don't think that Dracko is singing about their glory days. According the title the album is dealing with all the gods of the world. But my spanish is not that good that I can read their lyrics, haha. But when seeing the artwork and the members you can imagine what these Mexicans will play since 2001. Right they play speedy heavy metal with the high screamy vocals and the flashy guitars with dito leads. Tempos of the songs vary from mid to fast but they have enough changes in their structures. Ofcourse it is all predictable but because of their Spanish lyrics the interpertation is different. The tunes are rather long (shortest is 4.06 min) but it lacks some stand out ones. Overall it is not something you would suggest to your closest friends but more an album you play in the background once in a while. But to be honest I like their guitarleads but sometimes they are killed when the keys fall in. And the closing track has a duration of 16 minutes and that sums the complete album. This album is from 2004 and I hope they have developed to a more own and original sound but therefor you have to check their site. And maybe they should widen their reach as they only communicate in Spanish, even on their sites you cannot find much English.

Written for AEA Zine #15

1. Intro
2. Fuego
3. 33 Grados Norte
4. No Te Dejes Vencer
5. El Anticristo
6. Esclavos
7. Presagio
8. Har-Maguedón
9. La Remoción Del Velo
10. Nostalgia Efímera + Bonus Track (Los Olvidados)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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