Document 6 - Black Rose (video)

Document 6 was founded in January 2012, mixing elements of hard core, punk, death metal and grind core, playing what is known as extreme metal. The tracks are extremely hard, yet catchy, and independently varied. Because of the line-up changes and various other difficulties Document 6 operated continuously, working on new and more extreme songs than ever before. So currently Document 6 are working on its fastest, toughest and most extreme set to date. An EP with this set is planned for mid-2014. With enough tracks readily available to fill it.

Since doing the review of the bands album ‘Blut’ for the line-up has indeed changed and Document 6 have said Auf Wiedersehen to their vocalist/guitarist – Micha and Bassist Frank, and saying a big Hallo to Basti on vocals and Björn on bass duty.

The month of April saw Document 6 travel to Israel for the Molotov Festival Tour where they were received with open arms.

Black Rose

This is a strong intimidating track – and if you think about it you could literally put Satan on vocals! The emerging riffs and beats create an energy force that is not only demonic but brutal in every sense of the word.

It cavorts in a predatory guise ready to pounce, expelling a certain frenzy you would associate with a mentally challenged inmate!

The sub-titles help immensely to understand the track as pit borne growls are never easy to fathom at the best of times, although not a long track being only 2 minutes and 5 seconds long, it is long enough to appreciate all that has gone into making it what it is, which is an extremely bruising track that holds a lot of bite!

The passages are concentrated and deeply focused creating a lot of pent up tension and certainly a lot of anger.

So what we have here is an engaging, dramatic and passionate track with an equally engaging video attached – that will be pleasing for lovers of the extreme everywhere!

  1. Black Rose

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Jul 29, 2014

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