Destitution - The Human Error

'The Human Error' is the debut EP from Thrash output Destitution. Rather than following the typical hyper speed Slayer or Kreator clone, this group opts for more of a mid paced approach that is a hybrid between Motorhead and Metallica. Tracks like "Radiation" include fantastic, hard chugging riffs that are quite memorable in combination with the rough vocals, often accompanied by grouped vocals during the chorus. During the interludes there are sections of melody within the solos so it doesn't seem like the band is just trying to fit as many notes as possible into a small space of time. There are even dark, gothic moments where it feels like the band is taking cues from Paradise Lost near the end of the track, which helps enhance the atmosphere. "Global Content" is more of a straightforward Melodic Thrash track with more focus on the instruments as opposed to being too saturated with the vocals. Finally there is "Genesis" which opens slowly but builds up over time. Similar to the first track, it carries through in a chugging, mid paced format but this allows listeners to get a feel for the music easily without being overwhelmed... at least until everything picks up in the middle. Like a roller coaster, this EP is quite enjoyable for those who like Thrash in general.


  1. Radiaton
  2. Global Content
  3. Genesis

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Sep 24, 2012
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