Desolate Fields – Post Apocalyptic Dates

Hailing from Hengelo, The Netherlands, Desolate Fields are an atmospheric black/doom band and have been active since  2012. “Past Apocalyptic Dates” is their first Full length, previously they’ve released two demos.

Their music is very melodic and features long instrumental passages, some clean vocals and mostly growling/screaming vocals. Tempo wise this album is predominantly slow to mid tempo, but there are some higher mid tempo black metal blasts and double bass passages. For the most the music has a very melancholic philosophical atmosphere, but every now and then some rawer form of aggression lurks around the corner, for instance in the song 'Vultures'. The songs are all very well written, with intricate riffs, tension build ups and soundscapes. Particularly the bass lines are outstanding.

Desolate Fields mix several influences, but in a coherent matter, I can discern influences of My Dying Bride, Enslaved, Borknagar and Ved Buens Ende.

Playing and production is solid,  although the snare drum sound is a bit thin, but overall the sound is clear warm and spot on.

The only faux pas is the guitar solo on the title song 'Past Apocalyptic Dates' because it doesn’t really fit the song, it’s buildup, phrasing and structure are a little too obvious and the bending at the end is a little off key. Never the less awesome record from a Dutch band!

  1. Ramblings Of A Stone Man (Effort I)
  2. Stained Papers (Effort II)
  3. Enviro
  4. Vultures
  5. A Visible Mass Of Vapour
  6. Hollow Earth
  7. Past Apocalyptic Dates
  8. Blister

Self released
Reviewer: N.Ottink
Sep 29, 2017

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