Desecravity - Anathema

Holy Shit!!!!! Who gave Rush all the meth and rage? Tokyo's Desecravity, is about to drop a killer follow up to "Organic Signs" by name of "Anathema". With every album, they evolve in every sense of the word.

I'll start by saying, I'm not a huge tech fan. As a matter of fact, "Erosion Of Sanity" would be about as tech as my normal listening day goes. But DAMN, these dudes know how to blow your mind with supreme technicality and throw in some solid DM grooves. You don't get the "man, they rip but I gotta change it after 3 songs cuz it's just too much" effect. Which is the outcome of my listening to many offerings from the tech side of death metal.

"Anathema" begins with an epic orchestral prelude entitled 'Aeon And Ashes'. It gets you pumped like you're slaying a dragon. Then 'Impure Confrontation' fades into a roller coaster of riffs riffs riffs, mind blowing drums, Glen Benton style lows/highs and time changes that'll leave your head spinning.

I honestly don't know how they do it. I had a hard time studying for tests in school. Desecravity, somehow, remembers and lays down hundreds of riffs (encompassing 5K notes) and a slew of time changes. All with spot on precision.

The stand out tracks for me are the final 3. 'Secret Disloyalty', being my favorite, begins with the OG DM chunk style riff that would lead many heads to tear down the bars like they're in a Scorpions video. Then, BAM, the blastastic familiarity we've become addicted to. At 1:09, there's almost Cynic(y) type guitar work layered with a beautifully hypnotic bass line and incredible high hat work. Once you're in a trance, you're (again) thrown into an aural hail of gunfire. Always keeping you guessing, the dudes, then reenter the Cynic section and up the ante with summoning a demonic version of Dream Theater that would leave Portnoy with a dropped jaw. After the song ending with more speedy tech onslaught, it left me skipping back in the track to soak it all in again and again.

'Devoured The Psyche' continues on with the formula that Desecravity has most likely made the listener a fan, if they already weren't. Being smacked in the center of my two favorite songs, it's still a massive massive tune.

"Anathema" comes to a close with 'Beheaded White Queen'. To say the least, they go out with a bang. This track could possibly take over my #1 spot with more listens. Shit, it might be taking that spot as I'm typing. It's got it all. Death metal chunk, tech, jazz, speed, grooves and vocals that I hope get the praise they deserve. Dare I say, right around 1:26, there's a Timeghoul esque section tossed in the mix too???? Yep, I think this will take the favorite song throne, eventually. This track ends with the "Timeghoul" riff but at a slower nastier pace. WOH, what an ending!

For those weary of over the top tech death metal, listen to me (as someone who definitely prefers the traditional death metal style)..... "Anathema" is NOT an album by guys that want to out-tech the next band. It comes off as musicians that are top shelf with their instruments and want to offer a solid listen that will leave you in awe and wanting more.

I have one last thing to say: "Desecravity, if you are reading this, come to VA. I MUST see this live!


1. Aeon And Ashes
2. Impure Confrontation
3. Ominous Harbinger
4. Deprivation Of Liberty
5. Bloodthirsty Brutes
6. Secret Disloyalty
7. Devoured The Psyche
8. Beheaded White Queen